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2017 was our last year for fruit production but hopefully will be open again in August 2018 for plums, apples and damsons.


We hope you will enjoy our picture gallery and learning a little more about us.
We, the Craners, started our Pick Your Own soft fruit farm in 1983 with just half an acre of strawberries grown in our front field, most of which is now the car park with wild cherries for shade. The same people are still running the business (rather older now of course) and we  also grow raspberries, black currants, red currants, blackberries, plums,damsons,apples and gooseberries, but only in season.

Our gooseberries are superb and all are grown on a multi-cordon system so they can be picked from a comfortable standing position – we do not know of another farm where this is on offer, but no doubt someone will tell us! Each year we produce more than we can get picked , so please come and help us, you may be surprised not to get too scratched in the process.  Please remember they start in early June.

We try to make the fruit-picking experience a happy and enjoyable one with easy access to all our different fruits and plenty of green space all around. Regular visitors will notice that there is more green space this summer.

As we are a relatively small farm, we are able to offer a very personal service. We do not do anything else – we just grow the very best fruit we possibly can in green and well kept surroundings, where the wild-life thrives.

We also offer a limited range of fruits ready picked for you in our shed/shop together with a small range of other local produce. Larger orders for special occasions can be placed here and we will be pleased to advise you.
However, please note we no longer grow  strawberries or autumn fruiting raspberries.

VEGETABLES -Just two: Broad Beans.Remember the first crop begins mid June and Rhubarb: only available freshly picked, but for our whole season.

2017 will be our last year producing fruit commercially.
Craner Produce, Common Rd, Broadley Common, Waltham Abbey, Essex, EN9 2DF